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Interview on Doc Talks: The benefits of gaming

I’m thrilled to share this recent interview for which I was fortunate to be asked to take part, aired on the widely watched Doc Talks series here in the Netherlands. If you want a quick primer on the research on the potential benefits of playing video games and our vision for developing games to improve […] read more

Experience Sampling Methods – Oh the possibilities?

Psychology has a hard time being a social science. People from within and outside the field express skepticism about the types of measures psychologists sometimes use to make hefty inferences. For some, these measures often seem too removed from people’s real lives. Experience Sampling is a method that tries to get at the dynamic changes […] read more

Anxiety and Aggression: An Intro blurb

One of my main lines of research examines the link between anxiety and aggression in children and adolescents. I’ve been writing a lot about this rarely explored link. Here’s an abstract of a recent review paper I’m submitting. In the next few months, I’d like to post a bunch of research findings that provide at […] read more

Why games? Part I

Hi there and welcome to this first attempt at what I hope will be an ongoing blogging forum for new ideas of all sorts. For now, I’m going to be trying to use this space to explore some thinking about why my colleagues and are getting very turned on to using video games to empower […] read more