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Directly after receiving my Master degree in Social Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2007, I started as a PhD student within the department of Developmental Psychopathology. Between 2007 and 2012, I have shown that a key factor in people’s food intake is the presence and behavior of others. Directly after my dissertation defense, I started as a postdoctoral fellow at the same department to examine the effectiveness of a cue-­‐reminder intervention to reduce adolescents’ substance use in social contexts. My primary research goals are directed towards a better understanding of people’s health behaviour in social contexts. Most recently, I have been awarded with three research grants (€268.000 in total) to conduct studies that combine fundamental insights from social and health psychology with persuasive technology (e.g., mHealth) in order to stimulate nutritional knowledge and facilitate behavioural change. My ultimate aim and passion is to develop and test prevention and intervention strategies that are based on both fundamental and applied research and that could have a far-­‐reaching impact on people’s health related behaviours. Next to my research, I regularly teach within the field of Pedagogics, Psychology and Behavioural Science. I have (co-)coordinated courses on obesity, addiction and risk behaviour and provide lectures on psychological mechanisms underlying eating behaviour. Furthermore, I regularly supervise bachelor and master students in writing their theses. Next to that, I am passionate about building the bridge the gap between academia and society. Therefore, I often give lectures on the role of the social environment in eating behaviour and contribute to the public debate in the national media (e.g., social media, newspapers and television programs). After working hours, I am spending my time with playing football, having food and drinks with friends and looking for new sneakers (Air Max 1!) on the internet.

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Biography and Research Interests

Research interests

  • Health behaviour (i.e., eating, drinking, physical exercise)
  • Social networks
  • Overweight & obesity
  • Behavioural change
  • Persuasive technology (e.g., mHealth)

Research projects

  1. The effectiveness of a cue-reminder intervention to reduce adolescents’ substance use in social contexts (March 2012- March 2016; funded by ZonMW).
  2. Take it Slow: The use of feedback and persuasive technology to reduce eating rate (March 2015 –September 2016; funded by NWO Food Cognition and Behavior).
  3. Kerngezond++ Preventie Overgewicht en aanmoediging Gezonde leefstijl van kinderen in Limburg (December 2014- December 2016; funded by the Province of Limburg).
  4. Measuring cue-reactive responses towards alcohol cues in everyday life contexts: A future for wearable technology? (March 2015- March 2016).

For more information, also visit: website Roel Hermans