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Biography and Research Interests

Dr. Johnson-Glenberg holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She creates embodied games that specialize in teaching STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) and Health Sciences.  She also creates games and simulations that address behavioral change like smoking cessation. A new area of research is how full spectrum light therapy coupled with movement can affect wellness.

She has been a Principle Investigator on multiple federal grants from the US Department of Education (IES), the National Institutes of Health (NICHD) and the National Science Foundation (EHR- DRK-12). In addition, she has run several grants from private foundations including the fragile X Foundation – where she created a neural network of memory function and The Gates Foundation/NGLC – where she helped to create several games to teach middle school children about Simple Machines. Dr. Johnson-Glenberg has published widely on cognition, embodied learning in new media, neural networks, and fragile X syndrome (the most common form of heritable intellectual disability).

She also serves as the Director of Embodied Games. This is a University spin-out company created for translational research. Dr. Johnson-Glenberg oversees a team that assesses the efficacy of the games for change and runs a website to get the games into the hands of users. The games are appropriate for children from 4th grade to 16th grade

One project underway at Radboud University is translating the lab’s award-winning Alien Health game that uses the Kinect sensor to teach children about nutrition.

To see a video on the first beta of The Alien Health Game:

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