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In 2003 Dr. Maaike Cima received her PhD entitled “Faking good, bad and ugly; malingering in forensic psychiatric patients.” During the years after she has been involved in designing, conducting and writing up research regarding mechanisms thought to be involved in psychopathy, both in adults, juveniles but also in children. She conducted research regarding error monitoring in psychopathic offenders incarcerated in the forensic psychiatry department of the Rheinische Landesklinik in Düren, Germany. She performed studies on emotional processing using psychophysiological measurements in order to examine differentiating variables in psychopathic versus antisocial delinquents in several forensic clinics thorough the Netherlands. She also carried out research regarding emotional processing and emotional memory within samples of juvenile offenders and children with different forms of externalized disorders. Recently she conducted studies on neurocognitive correlates of aggression before and after anger induction while in an fMRI and is involved in research regarding neuro-anatomical correlates of moral emotions in juvenile delinquent adolescents.

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Biography and Research Interests


Moral development
Externalizing disorders


Key Publications:

Cima, M., Tonnaer, F., & Hauser, M. (2010). Psychopaths know right from wrong but just don’t care. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 6, 1-9.

Cima, M., Vancleef, L.M., Lobbestael, J., Meesters, C., & Korebrits, A. (2014). Don’t you Dare Look at me, or else: Negative and Aggressive Interpretation Bias, Callous Unemotional Traits and Type of Aggression. Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior, 2, 1-9.

Klimstra, T.A., Sijtsema, J.J., Henrichs, J., & Cima, M. (2014). The Dark Triad of personality in adolescence: Psychometric properties of a concise measure and associations with adolescent adjustment from a multi-informant perspective. Journal of Research in Personality, 53, 84-92.

Brugman, S., Lobbestael, J., Arntz, A., Cima, M., Schuhmann, T., Dambacher, F., & Sacks, A. (2014). Identifying cognitive predictors of reactive and proactive aggression. Aggressive Behavior, 41, 51-64.