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Lisanne Stone studied Developmental and Clinical Psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen and obtained her PhD in 2015. Her research focuses on the development and treatment of internalizing problems in childhood. In explaining how internalizing problems develop, she investigates the role of parents and peers. Regarding treatment of internalizing problems, she is interested in how modern technology (i.e., e-health, video games) may help to optimize therapeutic strategies. Besides doing research, she works as a clinical psychologist at an outpatient mental health center. Her clinical works helps her in translating research into real-world applications. Importantly, this clinical work feeds back to her research by making clear what clinicians need from researchers, for example in terms of new developments in treatment. In her private life, Lisanne enjoys the company of friends and loves to do outdoors work-outs.

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Biography and Research Interests

Lisanne Stone is particularly interested in how internalizing problems develop during the course of childhood and how to best intervene when children suffer from these problems.

Her current interests include:

  • How do internalizing problems and peer relations co-develop during childhood?
  • Whether perceptions of social acceptance, social acceptance itself or the interaction between these two relate to internalizing problems?
  • To what extent do anxious children explore video game environments?
  • How are attention and focus during playing video games related to anxiety?