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Junilla Larsen was born in the Netherlands, did her BA and graduate work in Utrecht and got her PhD at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. She is currently assistant professor at the Behavioural Science Institute and staff member of the Developmental Psychopathology program at Radboud University Nijmegen. She tries to understand whether and how (social) environmental factors influence eating behavior and BMI of children and adolescents. In her spare time, she enjoys life (and eating :)) together with her enthusiastic two girls and husband.

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Biography and Research Interests

Junilla Larsen is assistant professor of Developmental Psychopathology at Radboud University Nijmegen. Her research to date basically focused on two lines: 1) a research line in which psychological theories and models of emotion regulation, depressive symptoms and BMI are tested longitudinally (based on a VENI grant) and 2) an experimental line to understand how social or non-social environmental factors influence youth’s food intake. Her main research interest is to identify how parents’ own dietary behavior and food parenting practices influence children’s dietary intake and, related hereto, to develop and test promising interventions to prevent obesity in children.