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Gerine Lodder was born in Goes (Zeeland). She studied at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where she received a clinical master’s degree in Educational Sciences. Subsequently, she finished a Research Master Behavioral Science. Currently, Gerine is a Phd candidate at the Developmental Psychopathology department. Her work focuses on loneliness in adolescence and it relations with social perception and social relations.

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Biography and Research Interests

Gerine Lodder is a PhD candidate at the Developmental Psychopathology department at Radboud University Nijmegen. Her work focuses on loneliness in adolescence. Specifically, Gerine is interested in social perception of lonely individuals. Do lonely adolescents attend to, interpret or respond to their social environment differently than adolescents who don’t experience loneliness?

To examine this, Gerine conducts studies that aim at different phases of social perception. She examines attention to positive and negative social information using both in the lab using eye-tracking technology, and in real life using videos of real life interactions. Moreover, Gerine examines whether lonely individuals have difficulties interpreting social cues, for instance in recognizing short emotional expressions (micro-expressions). In addition, her work focuses on the interpretation of social relations at a macro level. For example, if there are differences between adolescents and their peers in perceptions of friendships. Also, Gerine is interested in perception differences between adolescents and their friends on social skills. Therefore, she examines whether lonely adolescents might underestimate their social skills, or social standing in a group.