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Hannah Untiedt-Lennarz was born and raised in M√ľnster, Germany. She graduated from the Research Master Behavioural Science in 2011 and continued to work as a PhD student at the Radboud University. Her research interests go out to individual differences in (ab)normal development during adolescence. More specifically, she is interested in how often adolescents experience different sorts of emotions and how they regulate them. Also, the role interpersonal relationships play in regulating emotions and how this can be beneficial in preventing internalizing disorders fascinate her. Horse-riding takes a substantial amount of her time during free weekends and evenings.

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Biography and Research Interests

My dissertation aims to investigate the development of emotion regulation in a normative sample of adolescents in the Netherlands, with an emphasis on methodologies that give us insight into the real life of adolescents (such as Experience Sampling Method and videotaped peer observations) but also longitudinal questionnaire data. This multi-method approach is crucial to successfully explore a host of processes that may be associated with, among other factors, depression and anxiety.

I am interested in both, the regulation of basic emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, and anxiety and the regulation of more complex emotions such as jealousy, shame, and guilt. I also take into account interpersonal aspects of emotion regulation by investigating different contexts (i.e., company) and its impact on emotion regulation. Furthermore, I am aiming to investigate the role emotion-regulation strategies play in the development of depressive symptoms and anxiety. This knowledge can ultimately inform prevention and intervention efforts that aim at reducing the prevalence of internalizing disorders among youths.