Archive | September, 2015

Main outcome paper universal depression prevention OVK

Our main outcome paper of OVK as universal depression prevention is online! To download the paper click here read more

Conference ‘Adolescent Depression Prevention’

On November 27th a conference on adolescent depression prevention is organized in Oss. We aim to provide health professionals with an overview of the latest research findings and we will discuss the effectiveness of depression prevention programs. In the workshops health professionals are offered the opportunity to translate the prevention programs and skills to their […] read more

Thought on VR & the future of “gaming”

Regarding the future of gaming and VR, a colleague recently asked me: What do you think will be big?? And Important? This is what I had to say on the matter: Aaaaah, THE FUTURE. A tricky thing to predict. I’m not surprised that Head Mounted Displays are seeming to take off; I say seeming because I have […] read more