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Play is evolutionarily and developmentally important

Although I have only been studying the effects of video games on children’s development for a brief while, the positive function of play more generally was an important field of study when I was receiving my graduate training in developmental psychology. The benefits of play (not specific to video games) have been studied for decades in […] read more

What you learn in games has real-world implications

I love this quote by Benjamin Franklin on the generalizability of lessons learned in chess to the real world. I’ve read it in several places, the last of which came from an interesting read I’ve been delving into this week, The Art of Failure, by Juul Jesper: “The game of Chess is not merely an […] read more

James Gardner’s prophecy – A blurb on gaming for healthy therapeutic outcomes

I was recently asked by a mental health care agency to write a short blurb on the opportunities for video games to be used therapeutically. Here it is… James Gardner wrote in 1991 that video games “can serve a variety of clinical purposes” including “releasing or controlling aggression, a means of dealing with success and failure, […] read more