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Parenting styles in childhood as detterant for alcohol and tobacco use in teens

Here’s a study that might be relevant to those interested in some of the work we do here.   “UT Arlington research shows early dialogue between parents and children most effective in deterring teen tobacco, alcohol use” (News article)   Access the article itself here:   read more

Thoughts on SRCD 2013

The SRCD’s Biennial Meeting in Seattle has left me with so much to think about. Here, I try to organize these thoughts. In a future post, I plan on giving a journal-like account of how I spent my time at the conference. What is the SRCD’s Biennial Meeting? The Society for Research in Child Development ( hosts […] read more

Parenting advice on screen time

I just finished a review paper on the potential benefits of playing video games. Having spent approximately 6 months reading, LITERALLY, every single scientific study on the matter, my colleagues and I had a great deal to say about the research on the subject and we’ve now submitted the paper to share with other academics […] read more